Monday, April 28, 2008

The Ravens

Can anyone tell me what this image means? Yes, this means that my brother in-law, Dave Hale was drafted in the forth round of the NFL yesterday as a Right Tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. He reports to Baltimore this Wednesday, and we are so ExCiTeD for our UnClE dAvE!

This picture was taken back in Nov. 07 at Dave last home game with Weber State Univ. Dave with wife, Shelby, Maxton and Weber State's Mascot.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Blogging Fridays

It has been a busy month here at the Hale House. I got this new program for digital scrap booking that I LOVE (yes, I haven't forgotten about you Aunt Gigi...I'm mailing you the CD tomorrow). Since getting this new program, I've been working on a book non-stop for my Wood Family Reunion scheduled for May 3rd down in GA. It takes two weeks for the book to be printed, so I've been working under a deadline and it was all I could do to get the book ready and sent in on time. I'm going to have everyone at the Reunion put their name into a hat and at the end of the day, I'm going to draw a name and that member of the family will get to take the book home. Anyone else that wishes to have one will have to purchase their copy. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, my hope is to do a similar book for each branch of my family...I think it is a great way to work on genealogy...I'm a very visual person and I love how the family came alive for me as I looked at each picture. The book went all the way back to my great-great grandmother, Granny Wood, it covered a lot of hope is that the family will better understand what I was trying to do when they see the book and that I can update or make additional books to fill in with any pictures people think should be apart of the Wood history.

After finishing the book, it got me re excited about working on my personal scrapbooks that I've let go by the wayside. I've realized that I have many loves, and I don't have time for them all in the same I've decided to set aside time for each one...Friday will be my official Blogging will always count on a new post and some sort of update/funny story about what's going on around here. Obviously, if I just can't wait until Friday, I may surprise us with additional posts, but we can all count on Fun Blogging Fridays.

Here are a few highlights from April:

*Ben's brother, Dave and his wife, Shelby came to visit us a couple of weekends was so great to see them...we have the best time when we're together.

*Seth turned 8 months old on the 23rd...he can crawl, eat some table foods, and has such a wonderful personality.

*Maxton is talking all the time and putting together small sentences...he is such a sweet boy, he makes me laugh all the time.

*Ben has started to really get serious with his bike riding again...the weather is finally nice and time is drawing close for his 100 mile ride on June 7th in Milwaukee.

*As for me, I'm proud of my first digital scrapbook, I hope it's the first of many...I love it!

*Can I just say that I'm excited that my Thursday night shows are finally back on track this month...I really enjoyed watching them both last night with Ben and our bowl of Whirly Pop Popcorn!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"I DO IT!"

That is Maxton's new phrase and new phase..."I Do it!" He wants to be involved in everything and to be our big helper. I don't mind too much, I think it's great actually. He especially loves to help with Seth...he'll try washing him, feeding him, you name it.

Here is Maxton feeding Seth a banana

The best part is that I can ask him to get me stuff like the phone, the remote, diapers, toys, shoes, etc. He really loves to throw out the dirty diapers. I always put poo dipes in a plastic grocery bag and then toss them in the outside garbage. Maxton has seen me do this his whole life and decided this is one of those, "I do it!" tasks. He goes and gets the bag, while I'm changing Seth and then I get the dipe all tied up in the bag and he walks it to the back door and gives a nice swing and lets her fly...if he is not happy with the landing, he retrieves the bag and starts again (He doesn't realize that I throw them in the garbage can, he just knows I'm throwing them). Once he's happy with the landing, he yells out..."Bye Poo Poo, Bye Poo Poo" then slams the door and give me a high five. If you're ever over after a good poop, I'll let you's pretty funny and cute. (Isn't it funny how poop is talk about so much when you have small has to be the most common topic to surface during conversation.)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I would like to thank the Academy

Well, I've been preparing a speech for this very moment, so bear with me as I try to get through it. First, I want to thank Amanda for awarding me and my Blog. I would be without the "E" if it wasn't for her. I also want to thank all my readers, those that comment and those that lurk...I love you just the same. I especially want to mention all my family that has joined me by starting a blog, that was the whole reason I started keep closer contact with them (you can visit them all by clicking on their names to the right). Since moving away, this is the closest I've felt to each of them...and I love it. I know I could post a little more often, or so I've been told, but I like to keep my readers in suspense. There's nothing like a good surprise. Don't worry, now that I've made it big by receiving this noble award, I won't forget the little people...I want to thank Amanda and the Blogging Academy again...I wouldn't be here without you.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last and Final Post

This is my last and final post. I've decided to stop blogging and close it down. It was a good run and I had a fun time with it, but like all good things it must come to an end. I'm going to work on some new projects now, but I'm sure I'll keep up on a few blogs here and long blogging world. This is Tara...signing out.
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