Friday, April 29, 2011

A Bunny Called Easter

My neighbor was telling me about her little boy who just turned three this last weekend. He met the Easter Bunny for the first time at a family hunt a week prior to Easter Weekend. Days after this meeting, he asks his mom, "Is there a bunny named Easter?"

The last great thing about my trip to China, was that I made it home in time for Easter Weekend. Saturday we woke up early and got ready to hunt eggs with a group of our friends. Saturday night, while I was putting the boys to bed, I asked what Easter was about...thankfully Max said it was about Jesus, I couldn't have asked for a better answer or understanding!

(Seth is starting to dress himself...I'm sure you could tell by this picture)

This picture was taking on Monday after Easter...can you tell Jake raided his brother's Easter Baskets?!?!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ni Hao

I'm back from my wonderful trip to China. The only bad part of the whole ten days, was the plane ride. Me and my sister had the best time with my parents. My folks have been living in Beijing working for about 15 months now. They now feel comfortable a world of away from the USA, my dad can speak enough Mandarin to make basic communications with the locals, and they know the best places to eat, shop and use the bathroom (you'll understand that last one a few pictures down).
Good Eats-We went to this amazing dumpling restaurant, and I loved it so much, we had to go one more time before we left. My mom's maid, would cook an amazing chinese lunch a few times during the week, and did I mention she would also wash our clothes every day. It's fun to see my folks eat only with chopsticks, they have really mastered the art. Yes, that is me totally enjoying my lunch and sporting my new black pearl bracelet I picked up at the Silk Market.

Good Shopping-We literally shopped till we dropped. It was amazing all the pearls and purses I came home with. My parents knew all the good vendors and they knew my parents were locals, so they would give us the best deals.
Good relaxation-While in China, I had a 2 hour Korean facial, two foot massages that lasted an hour, one one hour body massage, and a gel manicure. I was in heaven. Just to put it in perspective, it only cost 9 dollars for an hour foot massage!
Good weather-Spring over there is awesome. All the cherry blossoms were out and the temperature was perfect.
Good produce-Everything is so fresh, my mom buys her produce several times a week. She usually buys just what she will eat that day because it doesn't have the preservatives our produce has in the States.
Bad Bathrooms-this is what the toilets look like in China. I took a picture so I will always be grateful for the Western accommodations we fail to enjoy! You can't put any toilet paper in these toilets, all your wipings have to go in the waste basket beside the facility. Thankfully, my parents did know where the Western toilets were and would encourage us to take advantage when we happened upon them.
Good touring-The first day we were there, my whole family took a walk on the Great Wall of China. It was so beautiful and amazing! My mom also took us to the Temple of Heaven, The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and Hutongs (the traditional housing of long ago...there is only a small pocket of these hutongs, they've all but been replaced with ski rise apartments).

It was a trip of a life time! Thanks to my folks, and Ben and his parents for taking such great care of my little ones while I was a world away!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The other side of the World

I'm so excited to see my folks and not only that, but to see them while they are in CHINA! Can't wait to post all the fun pictures and tell you about all my adventures when I return. Oh yeah...I'm going without kids and without hubby (I do wish Ben could come along, but we thought it best to not have us both so far away from the kids and for so long) (and don't feel bad for Ben, he's not having to care for the children on his own...his wonderful parents will be here with him and the boys....thank you thank you!)...just me and my sister!
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