Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trek 100

Fat Man on a Little Bike (training for my 100 miler)

Me and my good friends, Steve and Taylor before Trek 2008's ride

Every year the first weekend in June, myself and some good friends do a 100 mile bike ride, called the Trek 100. The purpose of this ride is for raising money and awareness for childhood cancer. "Today, up to 80% of children with cancer can be cured. But cancer still remains the leading disease-related cause of death in children. Help us continue the battle against childhood cancer and related blood disorders during the 20th Anniversary Trek 100 Ride for Hope!" Click here for some childhood cancer facts. I can't imagine one of my boys having cancer or anyone of my loved me as I raise money for the cause. Please make a donation at my here. My corporation will match up to 300 dollars of your donations.-Ben Hale

Lance Armstong

Monday, May 4, 2009

"We're not in Kansas Anymore Toto"

Me and the boys made it back home safely...."There's no place like home!" We really had a great time. Valerie is one of those friends that you just pick up where you left off. We spent most of our time in the kitchen....between my boys eating her out of house and home, trying our hardest to keep the kitchen clean with five little ones, and learning new recipes...the whole while talking and laughing about old times, our kids, struggles, and was fun! Valerie is one of those friends that makes me want to be a better can't have too many friends like that...thank you! Here are a few pictures of our week:

One of the first places they took us was a this little farm called, Deanna Rose. The boys loved it, they had playgrounds, farm animals, and little tractors the boys good ride.
It was so cute watching how well my little ones responded to some older friends. Max adored Jackson and he was so great to let Max be his shadow.

Another afternoon we took the kids to this rec. center that had open gym time. It was basically a gymnastics gym and they just let the kids have at it. What a great place to get some energy out!

I guess our gymnastics we've been taking this year has paid off...Max hopped right on the beam and handled it like a pro.

I loved Valerie's's fenced in...need I say more. They kids had a blast playing in her yard. They even got to watch as Jackson and his Dad shot off a bottle rocket...pretty cool!

I was so excited to learn a few new freezer jam! I've already been making several batches since I've been home the last two days to give to friends and's some good stuff!
Last, but certainly not least was getting a pedicure. Valerie's husband was so great to watch all or our children while we stepped out for a bit to be pampered and carry on a conversation without interruptions...thank Jeff...and thanks for sharing your family with me!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Visiting Friends and Family

I'm comin' to you live from Kansas City! One of the many reasons I love visiting with family and friends is so I can pick their brains. I love to see what other mothers are doing with their children and what their different relationships are like. I learn what works for them and what they love about where they live. I feel so refreshed and come away with all sorts of great ideas and projects I want to do for me and my family. I love for my children to make new friends and have a little change of pace.
On this particular trip I'm visiting with a dear friend, who has three children, 7yrs., 4yrs., 14mos. We are having the best time here with their family. Maxton loves playing with her oldest, he has learned so much about dinosaurs and light sabers. Seth is so great, he always rolls with whatever crowd he's with...a very easy going child.
So (apparently that's how Kansas folk start all their sentences...with the word "so") here is one of the little ideas I've learned from my friend. It's called...COOPERATIVE BABYSITTING! If you click here, it is explained nicely. After reading, comment if you would be interested in starting this up when I get home. I think it would be a great idea!
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