Thursday, December 20, 2007

No Binkies But...

With each of my boys I've given them a decent opportunity to take a Binky. They have both declined. In the last few days, however, Seth has tried out the ol' thumb...I guess we'll see how it plays out!?!

A Snowed in Sunday

Well, we had our first big snow storm in Cleveland. It started late Saturday after noon, paused during the night, and started up strong during church. Our normal thirty minute drive along Lake Erie to our meeting house took us one hour as we drove 25 mph and took our half out of the middle as not to fall into a ditch or off the road. I'm just happy that Ben was able to drive us was rough.
The nice part about our weekend was that Ben's parents flew into town for a visit. I love for them to come, it gives us all a chance to catch up and for the kids to enjoy their Grandparents. Ben's mom always brings tons of fun activities for her Maxton to work on, which was perfect for our snowed in Sunday. We made two Ginger Bread Houses, took naps, and watch the snow fall. Not only was the snow fun to watch, but we also enjoyed watching Maxton do somersaults in his diaper.
I love the snow while I'm indoors and nice and was truly a "Winter Wonderland" outside.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dessert Now...

Looks like Maxton's philosophy is Dessert now, dinner later...he obviously likes to save the best for first instead of last by the looks of this picture. And I can't say that I blame the kid. Just a cute moment during our Saturday lunch that I wanted to share. I love little boys!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Cards

It's finished...I can't believe it! Seems like I start earlier and earlier each year on my cards in hopes to have them delivered and in every one's mailboxes by December 1st. It's amazing to me that no matter when I start or how motivated I am in the beginning, they always get finished and mailed out around the same time each year. I think I'm just gonna let up on myself for next year and realize that I'll get them out before the 25th whether I start them in October or December 1st...I know I'll get them done.

The best part about sending out Christmas cards is receiving them in the mail. You know what I mean...the anticipation as you wait for the mail look out the window or drive down your street and notice that your neighbors flag is down signaling to you that the mail has come. You hurry and feed the kids to get them ready for naps. Once everyone is asleep, you slip on your shoes, and run down the drive since you took no time to put on you jacket. You open your box and collect all of your items, but wait till you're safely inside before going through the junk mail and bills to find those few treasured items...your Christmas Cards. You're especially thrilled when they've come from friends and family far from you and glad that your little ones are fast asleep so you can sit at the table to carefully catch up on their lives and enjoy their pictures.

For me, it's all worth it to figure out what to do/make for our family Christmas Card and then to ready near 100 of those little buggers for the mail. So, keep enjoying your holiday...I'm sure each of you have something that you enjoy and love as much as I do my cards...I've gotta run and check the mail!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A new Tradition

It's funny, even though your are considered an adult at 21 years...Ben and I don't really feel like grown up. We've been married now 4 years and have two little boys, both have been through school and work (or in my case use to work)...but we still feel like youngins. Last night though...I kinda felt old...okay not really, but I played a good part.
What did we do last night? Well, we had our first Christmas Party for Ben's office staff. We decided to have the party at our house. Ben did most of the cooking, and was his assistant. I made a nice little drink, ginger ale with cranberry juice garnished with cranberries, and some little quiche hor devours to get things rolling. Once at the table, we all opened our poppers/crackers, which supplied us with a little joke, paper crowns, and small was fun. For dinner we served spinach salad, beef tenderloin, king crab legs, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, pasta, bread, and a chocolate desert of sorts.
We ended things with a surprise visit from Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas (Ben...I had made him a Santa Suit a couple of years ago), who passed out the presents. We gave all the ladies belgian waffle makers with a few recipes and their bonuses. (Ben has made the girls waffles with our iron on a few occasions at work per their request, and thought they would enjoy to have an iron of their own). I think that everyone was happy. They gave us a night on the town...a gift cert. to Brio (one of our favorite restaurant), movie tickets, and free babysitting. The also gave us the movie, "Blades of Glory" (we love Will Ferrel), and a book of popcorn recipes, since we do most of our dating at home once the kids have gone to bed...very thoughtful...we loved it!
I think for the most part we all had a good time, and it is definitely the first of many more staff Christmas Parties to come...a new traditions for us if you will. But to be honest, even though we have yet another adult responsibility...we still feel like a couple of young kids...I kinda hope that feeling lasts.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Wired Differently

It's the age old discussion...Man vs. Woman...Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus...nothing has changed. So, let me just be honest...Ben enjoys a good blog. I can catch him at least once a week at our computer checking the scores on ESPN, and then as I walk past the computer again...he is reading blogs. This last time I caught him, he found it comical how everyone had pictures of food on their blogs, whether they were sharing a recipe, or telling about their Thanksgiving Feast. I responded with a comment like, "What do you expect?...we're women...we write about things we like...what would you rather see on our of tools!?!" So...this entry is for all the men out there that read it's more than just about's about a good drill (which I've used every night to replace outlet covers after we finish painting a room)! Frankly, I'm glad we're wired differently...most of the time!
P.S. Yes, I made those's the easiest roll recipe ever...thanks to a good make them in the blender (yes...the blender you use to make your milkshakes)...let me know if you interested.
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