Friday, April 24, 2009

Rockaby Baby

Back in March, I was out with my mom one night and left Ben home with our kids. When we got home, Ben was upstairs checking on the sleeping boys, I run upstairs to help since it's so cute to see little ones's one of the best times of my day. We checked in on Max and he was snuggled up nicely and then we opened Seth door to find an empty crib...WHAT!?!?

As we searched the dark room for our baby, we found him here:
For the next three nights he continued with this process of being put in his crib by one us and then after a few minutes climbing out of his crib and rocking himself to sleep. After that he stopped climbing out of his crib, almost like it was just a phase and forgot how to do this little trick. About two weeks ago it started up again, and I don't think he will ever stop. He never cries, and he doesn't bang at his door, he just snuggles up and rocks to sleep. I've rocked both of my boys while they were little, sometimes to sleep and sometimes until they were just that's probably why he finds comfort in our well used glider. It's so fun to check on him after he's fallen to sleep because he's always in a different position. After I take his picture, I gently pick up my big baby and put him in his crib.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Somethin' for the little man

I got to feeling a bit bad that little Seth got left home from the game while Daddy and Max had fun and got their very own post, plus I found some more pictures of Easter so here is a little tribute to our little man.
But we'll start out with a token picture of the big boy and his daddy.  This is Maxton and Ben at the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.  It was pretty cold so we left early but not before Max soaked himself in a puddle and had to grab spare pants and boots from a neighbor. 
And here's the boy of honor.  About the cutest little egg hunter you've ever seen, right?  And I must say I'm not looking to shabby either.  Those pink pants are smashing.  And if you want the name of my hair stylist I'm happy to share.  Call me.
We went to another egg hunt at a friends and once Seth got hold of an egg it was all I could do to get him to put it in his bag and hunt for more without stopping to eat the goodies out of each one.
But he found enough to keep him happy and looked pretty dashing doing it.  I tell ya, I've got to have the best looking boys around.  I mean, the blond hair, eyes like the sea after a storm, you can't beat it.  They're like little cherubs.
Alright, I have to fess up:  This isn't Tara typing (although I do think Seth's pretty cute).  This is her friend.  Tara was over at my house today using the computer and tonight when I came to blog I found myself logged in as her . . . the possibilities abound--but I settled on just giving her a late April Fools and owed her these pictures anyway.  Enjoy Tara, and I won't steal your blog again.
To the rest of you:  I leave you with a last trilogy of Seth--don't get in the way of this boy and his chocolate, hoards it like a chipmunk!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opening Day

Last Friday was Opening Day for our Cleveland Indians...Go Tribe! Ben was able to buy two tickets and we thought it would be fun for him and Maxton to go together. I packed a little bag for the boys that contained their Indians blanket (yes, it is still pretty cold here), his glove, and camera. I met Ben at his office and off the two of them went...poor little Seth was stuck with me.

The most amazing thing happened...they caught a foul ball! Well, Ben's shoulder caught the ball and it bounced off his shoulder and the usher picked it up and gave it to Max. It was so cute to hear Max tell his version of the story...he was excited! Here's to a great baseball season and warmer weather!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs

I'm so excited to report a few things:

1-Easter was in April this year (meaning that our chances for better weather are greater...we've still had snow this month, but not a blizzard)
2-There was no snow on the ground for our hunt
3-This was the first year Max and Seth hunted eggs outside
4-Both of my boys are old enough to hold their own basket and get into the fun
5-There's a ton of chocolate floating around
I hope everyone has a Happy Easter with their family and friends. Here's a few pictures of our attempt at dying eggs with a 1 and 3 year old.

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