Thursday, August 28, 2008

"I'm a Big Kid now!"

I'm a Big Kid look what I can do

I can wear Big Kid pants too,

And I can pull them up and down!

Mommy Wow.....

I'm a Big Kid now!

(Wasn't this one of the first little jingles for Pull-Ups when they came out?!?)

Yes, my little big kid, Maxton is pretty much potty trained. We started around the second week in August, and things are going pretty well. We also have graduated into the tricycle and helmet. Two things that Max is super excited about these days. Way to go Mr. Max!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Seth!

Here's Seth blowing out his candle tonight...well, Max actually blew out the candle!

Today at 11:06 this morning, my sweet baby turned one! It's amazing how long and short the year has gone by. We've been so blessed to have this little guy join our family. It feels like he's always been apart of our family, just like little Max. We love you Baby Seth!

Me and Baby Seth the day he was born!

Monday, August 18, 2008


A friend of mine from church, came over and took pictures of the boys. She was getting some practice with her new camera so she could be the photographer at her sister's wedding. As you can see, I think she's going to do a fabulous job. This is just one of a hundred that she took!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Workin' 9 to 5

Ben's dental hygienist was married last Saturday, and we were able to attend her beautiful wedding. The next day, her and her new husband left for Aruba to celebrate their honeymoon. So, that means I'm a working women this week. Here are the pros and cons of my new week long employment...
*I get to kiss the Boss
*I get to ride with my Husband to work
*When there's down time, I can sit and blog or read a magazine (you'll understand why I can sit around a little when I get to my cons list)
*Ben usually buys me lunch
*it's nice to clean teeth every once in really helps keep my skills up.
*it's amazing how much you really do love your profession, when you're not doing it full time.

*It is a big help that I'm a hygienist so that Ben doesn't have to us a temp. agency...they have some pretty high fees, it's nice that I have a skill that is useful for Ben at the office.

*I don't get a pay check, so I don't feel bad when I blog or read a magazine, as long as I stay on schedule and take good care of my patients
*Some times I put my nose in Ben's business a little too much...I just need to keep my mouth shut, he does a wonderful job without me here, it should be no different on the few occasions that I fill in.

Okay, really there aren't any cons...I just need to keep my bossing for the house, and even though I don't pull a pay check, Ben is a wonderful provider and he does take me to lunch. I don't think I'll work full time again, but I could see a few days a week once my kids were much older and I hope that Ben would hirer me as long as a kept my two sense to myself.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New project

So, many of you know that we plant a garden every summer...well if you didn't, we do...nothing big, just herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, that's about it. Ben has done gardens most of his life, but for me...I'm a first timer. I'm starting to get a little more comfortable with it, so this year I decided to go wild and try growing Sun Flowers behind the garden. I read a few things online, and started off by germinating them before planting. This way I could plant just the strong one, those that didn't sprout, I threw out. So, here's a few pictures of my germination...standby for more pictures as they grow.

Here are the two packets I picked up for cheap at our local garden center.

To get them to germinate, I placed the seeds in between wet paper towels and kept them damp until they began to sprout...just a few days was all it took.

Here's what I ended up with before I was pretty cool.

I did all this at the end of June, so I'll post a few pictures of how they look since I planted next time I post!
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