Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Back Track {Part II}

So, even though I haven't shared Halloween Pictures this year, we did celebrate and go Trick-or-Treating. And I have pictures to prove it! Ben picked the boys costumes out this year and I thought they were perfect...yes they were little Beavers...I think it fits their current temperment...BUSY, you know, "busy beavers"! I guess there's only one thing to say, "Happy Halloween!"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back Track {Part I}

What a busy time of year, personally I enjoy it for the most part. I'm behind on both my blogging and scrapbooking because of all the holiday fun and being pregnant...I'm tired okay! Since things are winding down from all the festivities, I've started back to scrapbooking since I'm about a half a year behind and found some cute pictures I wanted to share. Here is Maxton's first day of preschool...back in September:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Fun

I know I'm not the best at blogging regularly, but it's not because we are boring and not doing anything around the Hale House. First of all, I've been busy cookin a new little bun...that right, we've got another bun in the oven that should be ready in March...very excited about this news! But lately, me and the boys did our annual apple picking last week. We had the best time, here are a few pictures-

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Photos

These were a few family photos a good friend of ours took for us while we were visiting in Utah this summer. Thanks Friend!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Itty Bitty Fun Camp

I'm going to rewind a little bit...about two months or so...and try to catch you up on what we've done all summer. We started out with an hour and a half day camp for Max that only lasted a week called, "Itty Bitty Fun Camp." They made crafts, played games and sang songs. The first day Max was a little nervous and was wondering if I would be coming in with him...I reassured him that we would walk him in and make sure that things went well. The next day he didn't even want me to get out of the car...."Just drop me off Mom, Okay!!!!!" Were the words coming from the back seat as we drove to Itty Bitty Fun Camp. To be honest I was a little sad and happy all at the same time. I want him to need me, but I also want him to be confident and enjoy those things that he can do as a three year old. This week alone has told me he will be just FINE at preschool in the fall, which someone is anxiously awaiting! On the last day, the parents and siblings were asked to come to see them preform the songs they had learned that was pretty exciting and cute.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Seth Turns TWO!

This last weekend we were happy to celebrate Seth's 2nd Birthday. He has been such a joy to have in our family. He is such a good little talker and totally affectionate. His actual birthday was Sunday, the 23rd, but we had a little friend party on the Friday before at a Splash Park. On Sunday, my parents and sister came up for Sunday dinner and Cake. Here's a few pictures of the weekend.

Seth playing at the Splash's so great...the park is fenced in, I don't have to get wet, and the kids can't drown...a great place to relax as a parent and the kids still have a blast!

Here is Seth passing out the cupcakes.

Here's Seth eating his second cupcake

Some of the friends that joined us for the party.

Mickey Mouse Birthday cake I made for Seth on Sunday.

Sweet Brothers

Sweeter Brothers

Seth blowing out his candles. We had to relight a few extra times so that both Max and Seth could have a couple of turns at blowing out the candles....that's the best part of birthday cakes apparently...the FIRE!

Here is Seth sporting two of his favorite and sunglasses!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Back!

We spent the last week in Ben's home town state and had so much fun. It was jam packed with events that I will be sure to do a five paragraph essay on once I get the rest of my pictures down loaded. Luckily, a good friend just emailed me a few pictures, they are of me and the hubby at a wedding of a good family friend. So I'll start with that happy and wonderful event with more of our vaction adventures to follow.

Ben and I...obviously. Don't we looked so relaxed...we were so blessed to have grandma and grandpa Hale watch the boys-Thank you!

Me and one of the other bridesmaids, Jaime...such a sweet heart!

Me photo bombing Jaime and her mother's (Robin) awesome mother/daughter moment. Thanks for letting me be a part of the love ladies!

Friday, July 3, 2009

HaPpY fOuRtH oF jUlY!

The summer is just flying by, it's hard to believe it's already the 4th! Currently it feels like fall here with high 60 to lower 70 degree weather. Not only is it on the cooler side, it's over cast! I'm not going to complain, it actually feels nice. Since it's so dreary here, I thought I would post something colorful and patriotic looking to celebrate our country and the freedoms we enjoy!

Wish I could take credit for the beautiful pictures, a good friend of mine took these for me along with some cute pictures of my boys (I hope to post some of those soon.) I can take credit for the Jam (strawberry freezer jam) and my other good friend put these together the other day to pass out for the 4th.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunny Saturday

I should feel great...We've had a beautiful Sunny Saturday and me and the boys have had a great time together, but I still don't feel like blogging. I'm sure you could already tell by the lack of posts. I don't know what it is....maybe it would be easier if the pictures didn't take so long to upload...or maybe I'm just too full of excuses for my blogging laziness. I do have something very exciting to report, drum roll please...............Ben just finished his 100 mile bike ride and I'm so proud of him. The sad news is that my baby is officially in his big boy bed and loving every minute of it. This is the first time in 3 1/2 years that I haven't had someone sleeping in the crib, however, I'm embracing all the fun that me and the boys are having and what a great summer it's going to be with the two of them. Hopefully their will be some pictures and a few more posts than usual over the next week or so...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trek 100

Fat Man on a Little Bike (training for my 100 miler)

Me and my good friends, Steve and Taylor before Trek 2008's ride

Every year the first weekend in June, myself and some good friends do a 100 mile bike ride, called the Trek 100. The purpose of this ride is for raising money and awareness for childhood cancer. "Today, up to 80% of children with cancer can be cured. But cancer still remains the leading disease-related cause of death in children. Help us continue the battle against childhood cancer and related blood disorders during the 20th Anniversary Trek 100 Ride for Hope!" Click here for some childhood cancer facts. I can't imagine one of my boys having cancer or anyone of my loved me as I raise money for the cause. Please make a donation at my here. My corporation will match up to 300 dollars of your donations.-Ben Hale

Lance Armstong

Monday, May 4, 2009

"We're not in Kansas Anymore Toto"

Me and the boys made it back home safely...."There's no place like home!" We really had a great time. Valerie is one of those friends that you just pick up where you left off. We spent most of our time in the kitchen....between my boys eating her out of house and home, trying our hardest to keep the kitchen clean with five little ones, and learning new recipes...the whole while talking and laughing about old times, our kids, struggles, and was fun! Valerie is one of those friends that makes me want to be a better can't have too many friends like that...thank you! Here are a few pictures of our week:

One of the first places they took us was a this little farm called, Deanna Rose. The boys loved it, they had playgrounds, farm animals, and little tractors the boys good ride.
It was so cute watching how well my little ones responded to some older friends. Max adored Jackson and he was so great to let Max be his shadow.

Another afternoon we took the kids to this rec. center that had open gym time. It was basically a gymnastics gym and they just let the kids have at it. What a great place to get some energy out!

I guess our gymnastics we've been taking this year has paid off...Max hopped right on the beam and handled it like a pro.

I loved Valerie's's fenced in...need I say more. They kids had a blast playing in her yard. They even got to watch as Jackson and his Dad shot off a bottle rocket...pretty cool!

I was so excited to learn a few new freezer jam! I've already been making several batches since I've been home the last two days to give to friends and's some good stuff!
Last, but certainly not least was getting a pedicure. Valerie's husband was so great to watch all or our children while we stepped out for a bit to be pampered and carry on a conversation without interruptions...thank Jeff...and thanks for sharing your family with me!
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