Monday, July 16, 2012

Growing Like Weeds

Look who's three months old's Bryce!  Bryce has really transformed into a delightful baby.  It was a little touch and go there those first few weeks, he gave me quite a run for my money.  Now he is so happy and content.  He is 14 lbs and 13 oz.  He loves to smile, talk, take naps, and sit in his bumbo and bouncy seat.  So happy to have my little Bry Guy around.  The boys are really enjoying him and love to help me when he cries...thanks boys!

Bryce isn't the only boy growing like a weed around here.  Jake has grown to love finding and playing with little critters around the yard.  You can see here, Jake has found a worm and in the picture below a three legged frog.  He also enjoys chasing rabbits and birds in the back yard.  He has really become aware of the world around him...everything is new and exciting for him!

Look who's learned how to ride without training wheels...that's right, Seth!  He is such a great bike rider, I knew it wouldn't take long for him to figure it out, thanks to his determination and a great daddy!  He rides that bike everyday.

 And my first little weed, Max.  I was so sad to hear he had a loose tooth.  I think I was more upset about him loosing his first tooth than him going off to kindergarten last year.  Loosing teeth really changes a kids look for's all over after my opinion anyway.  He was thrilled and thrilled that I was sad about it.  He was practicing his piano and suddenly stopped and shouted out that his tooth fell out.  That boy has really grown up this summer!
The good thing about little ones growing up is that you can enjoy spending time and talking with them.  We spent the evening catching fire flies the other was fun watching him catch his own.

 I'm trying to enjoy all these stages in my little boys' lives.  It's so easy to forget how fast it's all going by!  Wish I could put my four boys in a mason jar like those fire flies in Max's hand and keep them small forever.

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