Thursday, January 31, 2008

Potty Training

Don't get too excited yet, Maxton is not getting totally potty trained...we are just having some fun and keeping it light. Before a bath, or any time we take off the diaper and have some extra time, we ask Maxton if he wants to go potty, and he always says "Yes" and peepees on the toilet.
The other day, I was giving Max a bath and put him on the toilet before slipping him into the tub. He peepeed and had a little gas, so I thought I would give him a little encouragement and see if he needed to poo. So I said, "do you need to go poo poo? Push...go poo poo just like daddy!" He starts to give it a try...and then he stops and says "Book!" I ran to the other bathroom and found him a PA fishing magazine and he proceded to read it while sitting on his throne. I thought it was hilarious that my two year old had made that connection. In case you were wondering, he still hasn't had a successful poo in the toliet, just pee...but, he looks good trying...he reads a magazine everytime.

I'm starting to men just say they have to poo, and really it's just an excuse to escape for a few minutes and catch up on some light reading.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Maxton!

Today is Maxton's 2nd was official at 11:06 this morning. It's bitter sweet watching your kids grow're so happy for their growth and development, but you long to snuggle them up in a zero to three month outfit.
Maxton is so much fun, and such a tender little guy. He's never met a stranger, very outgoing and full of smiles. Some of his accomplishments include: peeing on the potty before bath time (just for fun...not trying to truly potty train yet...just a light introduction), recognizing letters, enough sign language to tell me what he wants to eat, sleeping in a big boy bed, can open the refrigerator and pull out a full gallon of milk, can bring me the phone and remote, and can open doors and flip light switches on and off. Some of his favorite things include: fruit snack made by Sunkist, puzzles, "Singing Times" videos, "Cars", buses, cars, trucks, tractors, "Sesame Street", singing along to his Laurie Berkner CD, drinking drinks with a straw, and pizza from Costco.
I love him so much...he amazes me everyday, and is such a sweetheart. I'm indeed grateful to have him in our family...what a wonderful addition. Happy Birthday my Sweet Boy!

We took Maxton to Kalahari indoor waterpark for his
Birthday...we had a ton of fun!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm 5 Months Now

Today Seth is five months old. I feel like I just had him and was bringing us both home from the hospital (I hate staying in the hospital...I would much rather be home in my own bed-that's another post). He is such a joy in our lives, with a great personality that has really start to shine. Some of his latest accomplishments include...rolling over, eating solids, smiling all of the time, playing with toys, splashing in the bath, sleeping pretty good at night (only gets up one to two times during the night), and scooting around when playing on the floor or in his crib. I love having both Maxton and Seth...I really enjoy the variety that comes with different ages. I'm looking forward to all the milestones he'll meet these next five months...I just hope they go a little slower.

Monday, January 21, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

Getting ready for bed, starts around 5:30pm with dinner. You've got to get them both fed and then spend twice as long scrubbing their faces and hands clean, along with the high chairs and floor space they cover. I'm elbow deep in hand soap and Clorox wipes for about 15 minutes.
Following dinner time, we march up stairs for bath time. I run around hunting diapers, lotion and PJs, while Ben does the bathing. Seth is pretty straight forward, I can get him dried off, lotioned up and in his PJs within a reasonable amount of time. Maxton on the other hand, loves to run around the house naked with us trying to get a hold of his slippery little body. All we care to do is get him dried and diaper on (honestly, we can wait on dressing him) to preventing any accidents.
By this time, it around 7pm...we are some what on or knees for prayers...well Ben and I are, Max is usually in the general area and that is really all we can ask. Max is such a sweetheart, he always goes around and gives each of us a kiss after the "Amen". Seth is usually ready for me to feed/rock him and put him down for bed...I would say for the night, but he usually gets up a couple times to feed.
We start getting serious about getting Maxton down around 8pm...Yes, he is in a big boy bed now simply because little Seth needs the crib. We can't keep ol' Max in the bed, so we have to wait outside the door and keep putting him back in bed every time he opens his bedroom door. This could go on for 20 minutes or so. We're not perfect at this, sometimes we find ourselves laying with him until he falls asleep. I could be in bed with him for an hour. If Ben is the one who lays with him, I won't see Ben until about midnight, because he falls asleep in there. I have more control over that because I don't sleep as hard (maybe because I've gotten up all night long with babies for the last two changes a person if you know what I mean).
By 9:30pm everyone is asleep. I then have a decision to make...go to bed right then and there (Since Seth will be waking up in the next 3 or so hours) or go downstairs and spend so time unwinding from a busy day with Ben. I usually find myself downstairs and not going to bed until 10:30 or so, but it's worth it to share some time with Ben.
Now, we're in bed and I have Seth's feeding times to wake me up during the night, along with a special visitor, Max, to find his way into our bed anytime between the hours of 4-6am.
The next day we wake up early, between 6-7:30am to have the rest of the day to prepare for another long night. You would think we would find time for some decent rest in order to recharge our would think Heavenly Father would have worked it out so that parents of little ones would be the people to get the most sleep at night...and give those individuals that can nap when ever and come and go as they pleased the rough night...not those of us that run around all day long trying to meet the demands of our lives with small children in tow. Yes, if you haven't caught on yet...I'm venting's about over. The truth is, Heavenly Father knew we would be able to do it, because we are so in love with our children...we would move mountains if we had to. For that I'm grateful...tired...but grateful!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Orange Julius

Ben and I have sort of started a little tradition...we like to make yummy treats after we get the boys to bed. Well, let me rephrase that first should read, Ben and I have sort of started a BAD HABIT...eating to close to bed time! Some of these treats include: ice cream and brownies, whirly pop popcorn with melted butter on top, diet cokes on tap from the BP on the corner of Clemens and Crocker (they have popcorn ice), and last but not least...The Orange Julius.
What makes this treat one of our goes down smooth every time. Ben blends it to perfection, every piece of ice is shaved so small, not one odd shaped chunk in the mix. It's so wonderful, that it leaves you wanting more. Well, today is your lucky day because I'm feeling generous...yes, I'm going to share our recipe for this delightful no, no need to thank me...Okay, I can't take all the credit, it's really Debbie Weight's recipe. I think of her every time I take a slurp, and now you can to...enjoy my friends!

Recipe as follows: (well, i just hollered over to Ben to give me the recipe, and he said, "Why...were are you putting it...not on your blog I's a secret!"

Sorry'll have to come over some time and join us instead. We usually get things started around 8:30pm...see ya then!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Big Boots to Fill

Maxton loves his Daddy and has good reason to. Ben is such an amazing person. I love him to death and am better because of him. He is a wonderful father, so hands on with both of our boys. Ben really enjoys snuggling and playing with them both whenever he can, and for that I'm so thankful. As for me...He treats me like a queen. We have the best time together...he is my best friend. He can make me laugh in any situation. He works so hard for our family and loves us so much...I just want to say..."Thank You Honey"!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Me, Myself, and I

I'm it! I've been tagged by one of of good friends, Amy. So, my task is to blog 7 interesting things (I hope they will be interesting for you...I'm kinda boring) about myself and then tag 7 fellow bloggers to do the same. Let's be honest, it's basically a chain letter, but it gives us in the blogging world something fun and different to write about, since most of us write about our kids and other family members. Well, without further adiou, in no particular order, here goes...

1-I once dated a truck driver. His father and Uncle owned a trucking business and this guy owned his own Mack Truck. You would have never guessed he was a truck driver, honest. The best thing out of the relationship was that I was able to go on a small road trip with him in his truck!

2-When I was going to Ricks College, I did a study abroad for a month in Egypt and Israel. It was amazing, it almost feels like a dream looking back on the experience. It was one of the best things I did as a young single.

3-In the summer time when I wear nothing but flip flops and a play outside with the boys all day, I have to wash my feet before bed...I hate to get in bed with dirty feet.

4-It's easier to tell you the vegetables that I do eat than the ones I don't. I eat corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, green beans in the can, carrots raw, peas, butter beans, and black eyed peas. I know what you're can she like butter beans and black eyed pears...I'm from the South, what do you expect!

5-I love terrible weather...especially thunderstorms. I love to hear the wind whip around the house and for a day to suddenly cloud up so heavily that it looks like night.

6-I hate dish water...I can't stand to stick my hand in water that's been sitting. I never fill my sink...I put a little soap on each dish and wash it under running water.

7-You would think I was dying if you were ever around when a got a case of the hiccups. I will be hysterical for a glass of water, and Ben loves to take his time giving me the glass...he really enjoys the drama.

Well, I hope this sheds a little light on Me...I'm sure many of you know these little things about me, but for those who don't...enjoy! Now you've had a bit of fun reading, now it's my turn for some's time to tag my seven unsuspecting friends...again, in no particular order:


Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
• Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, as we all want to know them.
• Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
• Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Monday, January 7, 2008

First Bites

Seth is now 4 month old. We took him in for his 4 month well check, and he is now 16 pounds and is now able to start on solids, or baby food now. Last week we mixed up a litte rice cereal and he had a few tastes, but after a week, he is eating better...about two tablespoons morning and night. They grow so fast, I can't believe he has already reached this mile stone. Here are a few pictures of his first bites.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year

I know...where have I been...probably the same place a lot of you have...busy with the holiday and ringing in the New Year. Here is a top ten list of the no particular order:
1-Ben's parents flew into town the week before Christmas.
2-We've gotten the majority of our house painted on the inside.
3-I had a birthday, and I'm still under 30.
4-My sister spent Christmas with us.
5-after Ben and I promised no gifts for each other, I lucked out with the best husband ever and he had some surprises under the tree for me.
6-I got to sit in Santa's lap (Ben plays Santa almost every year in some capacity or another)
7-Max has figured out that after you sing "Happy Birthday" it's time for cake and to blow out candles...can't wait for Jan 24th when it's his turn!
8-So fun to watch Maxton open presents for the first time and be excited.
9-Enjoyed a fun New Years Party with great friends.
10-Reflected on all the many blessing Ben and I enjoy...We are Thankful.
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