Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thunder Struck

So I was trying my best to find the best Halloween pictures to share, but this one trumps them all! Halloween this year fell on Monday, and of course Ben had to work, and of course this is exactly how he looked as he was inches from you and your mouth holding a drill! Doesn't get much scarier than that....well, maybe it does.....those jeans you think he is wearing in the picture above are really cut off jean shorts....and they're short!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I know right?!??!

So here are pictures from the first day of school....yes, school started when your kids school started...I'm way behind on posting...I know right?!?!? So here is big Max going off to Kindergarten. It's everyday, half day. I love having him home for lunch! I wanted to drive him to school, but he didn't want any part of that. "I want to ride the bus because it is really long, it has lots of seats and has its own stop sign!" The swagger wagon can't compete with that.

This was also Seth's first year of Preschool. He was so excited and totally ready. After taking Max the previous two years, Seth has already become aquatinted with the school and the teachers. It was like Cheers! Everyone knew his name!

And of course our little fella, Jake. He doesn't miss a beat! He loves to help me watch for the bus and get those boys off to school. He is my little shadow. I love our time just the two of us!

I guess next school year I'll have two shadows, one to follow and one to carry!
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