Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Challenge

We are constantly teaching the youth of the church to make those hard moral decisions before they are placed in difficult situations. By doing so, you don't have to think when someone asks you to do something you're not suppose to...the choice has already been made and you just follow through on you previously made decisions.
I put this to practice the fall before I got pregnant with Maxton when it came to all the holiday food and treats. I went a head and made my decisions on what I would and wouldn't eat and I didn't gain those holiday pounds for once and I was so much happier with myself. I've decided to try it again this year, and see how it goes...anyone with me? It's always a little easier if you know others are doing the same and that the one Christmas sugar cookie or slice of pumpkin pie won't be alone...somewhere near or far there are a few more treats in the same boat...all stuck with strong women about to toss them in the trash or let them be ripped to shreds by the garbage disposal! That's my Challenge, any takers?

Apple Picking Time Line

I think it's funny how we judge time...each of us do it a little different and even more so at different times in our lives. For instance, when I was working full time I judged time by a 6 month interval...x, y, z will happen before I have to clean this persons teeth again. Since kids are my full time job now, apple picking is one of my judgements of time, among other things. As you scroll down, you'll see what I mean...once was one baby boy three years ago, is now two boys that are growing like weeds. (Can I also mention how much I love the fall and picking's the perfect temperature and the boys have such a fun time.)

Sept 2008
Seth is exactly 13 months old

Sept 2008
Max is 2 1/2 years

Sept 2007
Seth was maybe 2 months old

Sept 2007
Max was 18 months old

Sept 2006
Max was 9 months old

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Costco Lovers

I got my gift certificate for Costco in the mail the other day...really it's the 2% I earn from all the shopping I do during the year with my executive membership...anyways, it was burning a hole in my pocket and I couldn't wait for the 11th to get here because the new coupons kicked in. (Sorry, that was a crazy sentence...totally not sure if it was even close to being grammatically correct) So, we were off to Costco this afternoon with costco money in hand and a fresh set of coupons...honestly, it doesn't get much better than that. We found some great stuff, made our purchases and ended with a nice slice of cheese pizza for dinner before leaving. While we were eating, Ben had said something about Costco and me liking it and I responded with, "I don't like it, I love it!" Several minutes later Ben asks Maxton if he likes Costco and he says with a mouth full of pizza and lemonade, "nope, I love it!" He truly is my child.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A little light reading

I love to catch the boys doing stuff while I'm not around. Today, the boys had settled in for some light reading. Maxton had pulled "The Miracle of Forgiveness" off the shelf, and Seth was enjoy a John Grisham novel, "Bleachers". They were sitting so quietly together, I had to run and grab the camera...I couldn't have posed them any better. I'm just happy I didn't catch them toilet papering the bathroom this time!
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