Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!

Our family has a cluster of Birthdays around the end and beginning of each year. I kick things off on December 28th, then Ben on January 3rd, and then our big boy Max on January 24th. So here is a photo journal of our celebrations!

Here's me and Jake on my birthday enjoying some Brazilian food at Trolly Square in UT.
I call this picture, "Tiny Tim." He had a thing for my mother-in-laws cane. Lucky for him it was adjustable, so we set it to the smallest setting and let him walk around with it a little. It was the funniest thing.
Me and my cake the boys and grandma made for me...I loved it, white with PINK sprinkles. I must say it's fun to be the girl in this group.
Now onto Ben's birthday. He turned 35 this year and yes, we put 35 candles on that cake.
Someone call the fire department!
Max turned 6 yesterday! I can't believe how big and grown up he is getting. I'm starting to get nervous for him to loose his first tooth. His little look will change so much, his smile and baby teeth are the only thing keeping him looking like a little boy :(. He loves to eat at Red Robin, so we had our family dinner there last night. I'm not sure if it's the balloons or the spaghetti he likes the most.
I think he reminded our server it was his birthday like 5 times, no lie....he wanted that Birthday ice cream sunday and fun song they sing!
Pure satisfaction!
Luckily, he was kind and shared it with his brothers.

We came home and met some friends for some cake and ice cream. We are totally into star wars and legos around here.
The winning present this year was the Webkinz! I'm sure as soon as he gets off the bus this afternoon, he will be glued to the computer setting up his Webkinz account!
Happy Birthday my 6 year old. I sure love you. You are so responsible and thoughtful. I can still remember the beautiful snowy morning of your birth!
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