Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apple Picking Time Line

I think it's funny how we judge time...each of us do it a little different and even more so at different times in our lives. For instance, when I was working full time I judged time by a 6 month interval...x, y, z will happen before I have to clean this persons teeth again. Since kids are my full time job now, apple picking is one of my judgements of time, among other things. As you scroll down, you'll see what I mean...once was one baby boy three years ago, is now two boys that are growing like weeds. (Can I also mention how much I love the fall and picking's the perfect temperature and the boys have such a fun time.)

Sept 2008
Seth is exactly 13 months old

Sept 2008
Max is 2 1/2 years

Sept 2007
Seth was maybe 2 months old

Sept 2007
Max was 18 months old

Sept 2006
Max was 9 months old


valerie said...

Cute pictures!!! Time flies...Your boys are growing up so fast!! Wish we lived closer!

Maylin said...

I love the way you put together this timeline! Such a fun Fall activity.

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