Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's been a LONG time since I posted some pictures. I was having a ton of technical difficuties before the new year with my computer and then this year I've had to wait a bit trying to get all my picture back together, but now I'm finally in a good place right now electronically speaking and so here goes a post chuck full of pictures. We'll call it..."a photo time line/quick way to review the fall and holidays/update on how much the boys have grown/ramdomness" That title should just about cover it?!?

In the middle of Dec. Ben and I took Maxton to Disney on Ice...He had an awesome time since he's been watching Play House Disney instead of PBS

Seth opening up his Christmas Presents from his Grandma and Opa Hale

Max opening up his Christmas Presents from Grandma and Opa Hale

Ben acting goofy and us opening up some presents from his folks...Thanks!!!!!!!

Looking in the awesome box that Grandma and Opa Hale mailed to us for Christmas and Seth & Max wondering wear to start!?!

Max showing off his way cool nutter butter cookie reindeer we made one morning with a couple of his buddies

Here's a picture of my tree...a few posts ago I had a picture of a tree that wasn't mine, because I was having trouble uploading my own pictures

Maxton in his self made Indian outfit in memory of the very first Thanksgiving.

A cute picture of Seth in November, at least cute to his mother.

Ben and the boys all dressed up on the 31st of October getting ready to hit the streets in search of Candy! Max insisted that Ben wear his costume in order to go trick or treating. Ben was the only adult dressed up in our neighborhood...What a good Daddy!

Seth at the zoo in October.

We've had a good couple of months...I have so many more pictures I could share, but I figured this was plenty.


gigi said...

This is not plenty! Share more!
Can't believe how blonde Seth is too. They are adorable and Maxton is going to be 3 in a few days. That's hard to believe! I've got a little present I need to get in the mail. Love the pictures. Love you!

gremhog said...

share more! I love looking at other people's pix. And what exactly is Ben...for Halloween? I figured he's be a Raven

The Griffis 4 said...

cute pictures! love the cookies!

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