Monday, August 24, 2009

Seth Turns TWO!

This last weekend we were happy to celebrate Seth's 2nd Birthday. He has been such a joy to have in our family. He is such a good little talker and totally affectionate. His actual birthday was Sunday, the 23rd, but we had a little friend party on the Friday before at a Splash Park. On Sunday, my parents and sister came up for Sunday dinner and Cake. Here's a few pictures of the weekend.

Seth playing at the Splash's so great...the park is fenced in, I don't have to get wet, and the kids can't drown...a great place to relax as a parent and the kids still have a blast!

Here is Seth passing out the cupcakes.

Here's Seth eating his second cupcake

Some of the friends that joined us for the party.

Mickey Mouse Birthday cake I made for Seth on Sunday.

Sweet Brothers

Sweeter Brothers

Seth blowing out his candles. We had to relight a few extra times so that both Max and Seth could have a couple of turns at blowing out the candles....that's the best part of birthday cakes apparently...the FIRE!

Here is Seth sporting two of his favorite and sunglasses!


Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

Your baby is 2!! You've gotta be kidding me. Wow time flies. Happy bday little man. Your boys are adorable. They are starting to look so much alike :)

Harris said...

What a stud! You better watch out tara the girls are going to be after this one, especially in those wicked awesome boots! It is crazy that he is Two already! They certainly grow up fast!

Natalie said...

He has grown so much in the last few months, I almost didnt recognize him. I cant wait to see you all again.

mom h said...

thanks for posting, it is nice to have a visit with the boys. the party looked like fun. the cake was sooo great. my how you have grown in your talent.

valerie said...

I can't believe what a big boy Seth is! Happy Birthday!

gremhog said...

love the they come in my size

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