Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Back Track {Part II}

So, even though I haven't shared Halloween Pictures this year, we did celebrate and go Trick-or-Treating. And I have pictures to prove it! Ben picked the boys costumes out this year and I thought they were perfect...yes they were little Beavers...I think it fits their current temperment...BUSY, you know, "busy beavers"! I guess there's only one thing to say, "Happy Halloween!"


valerie said...

That is hilarious.
Love the back tracking. Keep it up til we see a belly shot!
Hope you had a Merry Chritsmas.
Let's catch up soon. My life has significantly slowed down.
Love to you guys.

Gavin said...

Ha ha Ben what's up bro where is you're suit!

Shelli Dame said...

Tara, what adorable boys!! They are so cute! To get back to you, I would so love to come to Ohio and take cute pictures of your new baby! ps, a bit of a tangent I don't think I told you but your Christmas card was superb, as always. It's amazing that you make those all on your own! You're so talented. I learned photoshop and the basics of photography by visiting there's a bunch of photography tutorials that I really liked. Also, I pay a monthy fee for unlimited classes at any book by scott kelby is amazing. it's such a fun hobby! and it's addicting! I started charging simply because I wanted to by more expensive equipment!! Have fun!

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