Sunday, February 6, 2011


I've finally figured out how to download or import some home videos onto the computer in order to burn them onto discs. Of course I got nothing else done yesterday because I would put in a new tape and go to walk away while it imported and would be stuck to the screen while watching every second. The funny thing was, I wouldn't sit down, because I thought I would just be watching for a second and thirty minutes in, it would finally dawn on me that this would be so much more enjoyable if I would stop leaning over my computer with elbows on the desk and just give into the moment. Even though I still have little ones, those few family home videos we did take have reminded me how far we've come in just a short time. It truly has gone by so FAST. It was amazing to see the growth in our family, the growth in the kids, and in our home decorating. I sometimes catch myself thinking too much about the future, or the next project I want to start on the house, and forget that the fun is happening right this minute and to enjoy what's happening today. It made me want to spend more time, plain and simple.

When I figure out how to organize all this footage and burn it onto a DVD, maybe I'll try to share a few clips on the blog. Until then, here's a few pictures that show the growth and how fast time flies!

Ben and I the month before we got married, June 2003

Our wedding reception August 2003

Ben's Graduations, May 2006

October 2007

July 2009

November 2010


gigi said...

It sure has gone by fast! What a beautiful family you have, Tara! Love yall.

Jake and Alayna said...

I was just watching some home videos tonight. I was thinking that same thing, time really has flown by so fast! You have such a beautiful family! I love that we both have three boys! I agree with you, I know I need to slow down and enjoy the here and now more often.

JP said...

You guys are great!

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