Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jake's Summer

We have gone non stop this summer, and poor little Jake has been our mascot! He has gone to every tee ball practice, tee ball game, soccer practice, swim lesson, you name it. I truly think he believes he's just as old and big as his brothers. He is dying to get on every field and looking for ways to get around me or anything else in his way. He's such a good natured little fellow, I had to give him a post before I put all of the big boys summer adventures up. He's Max and Seth's BIGGEST FAN! We love you Baby! (For some reason, who ever is the youngest child we call them Baby Max, or Baby Seth, or now...Baby Jake. We eventually just drop their name and call them Baby.)

Ben took this picture; Jake has conquered climbing onto the counter. He really is a Super Baby!

Here he is drinking Seth's water bottle while at tee ball practice.

Poor guy is watching the boys play with fire crackers.
Jake is watching a little dog out the window at a boat marina.

After all our trips to the Lake this summer, Jake has finally warmed up to swimming and getting into the water...he loves it!


gigi said...

I love this cute Baby Jake! I can't believe how fast he is growing and that last picture looks just like little Ben :) Love his hair cut too.

gigi said...

P.S. I love the neew look of your blog! That top picture is just precious! Hope we get to do that again. Please think about coming again for Thanksgiving! It's a perfect time of year to visit Georgia :) Love yall.

valerie said...

He looks just like my baby...always standing at the door or window watching his sisters...or standing on a counter or stool trying to climb as high as he can get. We better not ever get these two together, it could be major trouble! :) Jake is so cute and is getting so big!!

Anonymous said...

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