Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Money Money Money by the Pound"

This is such a late post, my little Sethy turned 4 on August 23rd! He has grown into such an amazing kid. He is my tender hearted peace maker. He's very adventurous...I often loose him because he sneaks out of the house and rides down to his friend's house on his scooter. The moment I realize I need to look for him is the moment the phone rings telling me my little one is at the neighbor's. Seth loves to snuggle and be close, I love it. He loves to rock out when we're driving in the car to songs like, "Another one Bites the Dust" by Queen or "Beat it" by Micheal Jackson.
Seth's favorite toys are LEGOS. He loves to build them, show me pictures of future lego purchases, go to friend's houses and build their legos...he just loves them. Which is good and bad for me, I'm happy he is doing something constructive, but I never know when I'm going to step on one of those little pieces. So, you can see what inspired his Birthday Cake this year. I made the actual cake, Ben always does the creative portion, including idea and execution.

Seth has been enjoying the movie, "Pete's Dragon" this year. One of those Disney Classics from the 70s. It's full of music, and Seth knows just about every song. This was the first year he understood Birthday cards and the possibly of money being inside.
As soon as the money fell out, he ran to his piggy bank singing, "Money Money Money by the Pound", a song from Pete's Dragon. It was pretty hilarious.
A Birthday's not complete without dinner at Chuck E Cheese! It was a perfect night, there was hardly a soul there. Seth had a blast!
Happy Birthday Buddy Boy!


gigi said...

That is such an AWESOME cake for such a cutie pie!! Can't believe he is growing so fast! Love is music choices and all your fun pictures.
Love yall lots!
Aunt Gigi

Jake and Alayna said...

Happy Birthday Seth!
I love your "how to preserve a husband" post! That's awesome!

Gregg said...

That is an AMAZING cake, and Pete's Dragon is the best! -Gregg (Ben's Cousin)

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