Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening Day

One thing we love about living in Cleveland, is our INDIANS! And if you didn't know it, today is Opening Day! We will be heading to Progressive Field in just a few minutes to start this season off right. Here are a few photos from past years of us cheering on our team...the boys have grown so much!

Last year opening day
The next few are Jake's first game...we left the older boys home with a sitter.

Here's a game that we took Max and Seth to towards the end of the season about three years ago...I think I was just pregnant with Jake.

This is Max and one of his friends. Looks like they stayed happy has long as the Cotton Candy lasted.
This was the weekend Ben graduated from Dental School, we took Ben's family to the game.
Max's first game. Notice he is wearing a Grady Sizemore onesie...I'm one of Grady's Ladies. I tried so hard to name Seth hope. It's probably a good thing now.


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