Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Snowed in Sunday

Well, we had our first big snow storm in Cleveland. It started late Saturday after noon, paused during the night, and started up strong during church. Our normal thirty minute drive along Lake Erie to our meeting house took us one hour as we drove 25 mph and took our half out of the middle as not to fall into a ditch or off the road. I'm just happy that Ben was able to drive us was rough.
The nice part about our weekend was that Ben's parents flew into town for a visit. I love for them to come, it gives us all a chance to catch up and for the kids to enjoy their Grandparents. Ben's mom always brings tons of fun activities for her Maxton to work on, which was perfect for our snowed in Sunday. We made two Ginger Bread Houses, took naps, and watch the snow fall. Not only was the snow fun to watch, but we also enjoyed watching Maxton do somersaults in his diaper.
I love the snow while I'm indoors and nice and was truly a "Winter Wonderland" outside.

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