Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Cards

It's finished...I can't believe it! Seems like I start earlier and earlier each year on my cards in hopes to have them delivered and in every one's mailboxes by December 1st. It's amazing to me that no matter when I start or how motivated I am in the beginning, they always get finished and mailed out around the same time each year. I think I'm just gonna let up on myself for next year and realize that I'll get them out before the 25th whether I start them in October or December 1st...I know I'll get them done.

The best part about sending out Christmas cards is receiving them in the mail. You know what I mean...the anticipation as you wait for the mail man...you look out the window or drive down your street and notice that your neighbors flag is down signaling to you that the mail has come. You hurry and feed the kids to get them ready for naps. Once everyone is asleep, you slip on your shoes, and run down the drive since you took no time to put on you jacket. You open your box and collect all of your items, but wait till you're safely inside before going through the junk mail and bills to find those few treasured items...your Christmas Cards. You're especially thrilled when they've come from friends and family far from you and glad that your little ones are fast asleep so you can sit at the table to carefully catch up on their lives and enjoy their pictures.

For me, it's all worth it to figure out what to do/make for our family Christmas Card and then to ready near 100 of those little buggers for the mail. So, keep enjoying your holiday...I'm sure each of you have something that you enjoy and love as much as I do my cards...I've gotta run and check the mail!


Nikki said...

I finally got mine all ready to mail today. I love christmas cards too, I have been known to run down the drive way in my bare feet. anyway hope you get lots and lots!

Emily said...

Yes Tara, a very well thought out post. I approve whole heartedly. haha--you're the greatest.

aunt gigi said...

Got my Christmas card today! Loved, loved, loved it and even the envelope was to cute! The note and photo inside were even more precious and beautiful! Hope your Christmas is full of fun! Love yall, aunt gigi
p.s. I put a little package in the mail yesterday for the boys so check the mail box in a few days.
Ho Ho Ho!

moisha said...

Tara, I'm mean "Martha Stewart" - I got your Christmas card in the mail - gracias!! Leo totally remembers you guys - especially when you babysat her and she fell asleep in the pack n play watching Wiggles at your house. :) I don't know how you have time to make those awesome cards... my christmas card this year will have one thing in the envelope and one thing only: a picture of my fro. Not my face, not the kids, not the tree, just the hair. That will explain enough as to why I didn't get cards (not even an e-card) out this year, or any other year until I'm done birthing!! love you, marissa

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