Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So, I'm finally getting around to blogging about our FaMiLy SuMmEr VaCaTiOn...finally...I know...what has taken so long! We had so much fun...a ton of driving, but well worth it. We started by driving down to GA for a family reunion. We took two days to make it down south...we stayed the night in Charlotte on Thursday, and then made it to my grandma's on Friday. Had a fun time reuniting with the family on Saturday, and right after lunch, we left and started our journey to the OBX...we made that a two day trip of course, stopping in Florence, SC and pulling into Nags Head, NC Sunday afternoon. We had a great condo right on the beach, with a pool and hot tub...we were set.
Ben and I broke down and bought a Wii for some fun good times at night...even my grandparents got into the fun...that was pretty cool to see my children's great grandparents swinging around the Wii controllers...they were great! (Side note: I hate video games and have promised myself a long time ago that I would not allow them into my house, but the Wii is totally have to stand up and you can totally break a sweat if you're way into the boxing...I was definitely burning some calories...unless something comes out that is better than the Wii, as far as keeping you from being a couch potato like traditional video games...this is as far as I will stretch....sorry kids!)
It was so great, my grandparents didn't like to be out in the sun during the day, so they were happy to watch Seth, while we played on the beach with Maxton. Not only would they watch the baby for me, but Grandma would lay down with Max during nap time and let him sleep with her at night...Max is no fun to wrestle down to was a nice break...I dread getting Max to sleep these days.
We did leave the condo for some site seeing, we took the boys to the Aquarium...which was awesome. They had an aquarium as big as a baseball infield with sharks and the whole bit. We got to touch star fish and sting rays, and see some amazing fish and turtles...Maxton was in heaven.
We also headed up to Kitty Hawk to thank our brothers...the Wright Brothers that is...for figuring out how to fly...thanks boys...I'm thankful for air helps us see your great family in UT.
The worst part of the trip was running my Daddy to the ER on Wednesday. We were all out body surfing in the waves and one took my dad straight down into the shore...lets just say his nose hit first...he broke it and had to have a few stitches on top...the good news is that it was a clean break, so it's healing can't even tell. It sure was scary at the time...there was blood everywhere.
We left on Friday, and we took two days to get home...hence the good excuse to stop at our friends house in Richmond, VA. For more details on that click here. We rolled into our neighborhood at lunch time on Saturday. We had a great time and are lovers of the OBX...we recommend this vacation spot to all of our friends & family...a must see for all!


gigi said...

I've always wanted to go there. Just haven't made it yet.
Sounds like yall had a wonderful time! I know that your parents and grandparents just loved being with yall and the children.
Sorry to hear that about your dad getting hurt.

Meta said...

Looks like a fun reunion despite your trip to the ER! :) Love the fish picture.

Christon said...

FUN STUFF! I wish I could take more time off at work for the summer but theres so much going on looks like it will be a while before I can!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! We did have a great time! Mama

Erin said...

Sounds like fun. Your pictures are a lot of fun, your kids are getting big. I can't wait for a vacation to get away. Looks like you had a great time. By the way we tagged Max so check out my blog.

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