Friday, May 30, 2008

A Special Visitor

Well, my folks went out of town for the weekend, I hope it will be great weather for them since they will be on my Dad's Harley. My Mom got everything ready for their trip and took extra care to see about her newest edition. She is six months old, and my Mom is so in love with her. She a great little baby, you hardly know she's around...never makes a peep. My boys have really enjoyed her, Maxton even shares his "Banty" with her (Banty-is a purple fleece blanket that Max likes to snuggle with and take to bed). My Mom helps him get her all wrapped up and then Max will carry her around the house or just hold her while he watches a show. Anyways, back to the she called me yesterday to make arrangements for us to babysit her while she was on her can't take a baby on a motorcycle weekend! We made the exchanged at a McDonald's half way between our houses and Mom gave me all of her necessities and specific instructions...the boys were so happy to see their little Aunt.

We've had her now for 24 hours and so far so good. This will be a great chance for me to see if I can juggle 3 little ones. I just wish that I could have all my sisters with me this weekend...We sure do miss Aunt Ali! I hope this will be the first of many visits from my little sis, Butter Bean.

Oh...yes, she does resemble a 5 pound Chihuahua, but don't let that confuse you...she is definitely part of the family, and thinks my Mom is her Mom too!

Maxton with Butter Bean wrapped up in Banty! (A big Thanks to Mama H for Banty!)


gigi said...

I guess you owe her some baby sitting time. Good for you and good for them being able to get away like that.
Maybe one day we can get away too.

Rauscher Family said...

How exciting. I know Max will take good care of her. Ethan loves his phoebe and likes to take her on walks. Have fun!! Tell everyone hello. love rauscher family

UtahGma&Gpa said...

Hi, Tara, Yes, the church magazines will count! It is so fun to see photos of you guys and hear about the kids "grandparents."
I have to stop and think "who" are the grandparents. It's hard to think of Roger and Lori as grandparents! I know they enjoy the boys. We love and enjoy all
"25" of ours! Little Cohen went home this afternoon! Love, Carolyn

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