Sunday, June 15, 2008

A couple of Green Thumbs...then and now

Here is Ben and Maxton last May '07 bringing the plants to the back to be planted

This year makes number two for our family garden. After we put our yard in last Spring, we waited patiently for the snow and frost to finally stop. It worked out to be Memorial Day Weekend when we were finally able to put in our seeds and plants.

Ben took stone slabs and configured a "U" shaped garden outside our morning room window in the back yard...I love to look out and see how our herbs and veggies are doing while I eat breakfast (May '07)

Picture of Maxton getting ready to plant...wish he smiled for pictures now the way he use to...I'm thinking it's a phase...any thoughts on that?!? (May '07)
This year, things were a little different for two reasons. First, our family grew an extra member that we harvested in late August of last year, and second, we weren't able to get things planted until this weekend of Fathers Day. We planted black seed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs. Seth just ate all the dirt and pulled out plants and our labels. It probably would have been easier and faster if just Ben and I had planted the garden, but that would have been no fun and the boys love to be our big helpers...for now!

Our newest little gardener...Seth...June '08
Ben hard at work, boys hard at play!

Maxton covering his brother in dirt...I love to bathe boys who really need a bath...that's a sign of a good day in my book!

Ben and Maxton telling Seth not to eat the he's going to stop, or understand!


valerie said...

Gardens are the best! I'm glad it was finally warm enough for you to plant. Happy Father's Day Ben!!

gigi said...

I love these pictures. They look so good on your new springy back ground. Your kids are growing faster than your garden.

Emily said...

Hey, love the new back ground and the pictures of the boys are adorable. Let's plan for a morning at the lake this week! Later baby--wouldn't wanna be ya

gremhog said...

I'm trying to decide what the "U" might stand for.....hmmmmm.....

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