Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Times Two

I've been tagged times two...both by my lovely cousins Christon and Rachael...I just needed one more to make this tag more's the tag of threes, so here goes:

3 JoYs:
-My family, all three of my boys keep a smile on my face and joy in my heart.
-Since having children, I find Joy in taking my time in stores with out my children...I will walk down every isle in walmart, target, the grocery, costco, joyous!
-Hearing the dishwasher running before I go to bed...great joy in knowing I'll come downstairs to a clean's a better way to start my day!

3 FeArS:
-Things are going so well, I have a fear that the bottoms going to fall out...does that make sense?!
-My babies are growing up so fast...I fear the day when they no longer have that soft chubby skin and they don't want to give me a big snuggle
-That the dirty clothes are going to take over and I'll never get ahead or even catch up.

3 ObSesSiOnS/cOlLeCtIoNs:
-Putting the couch cushions back on the couch, because a certain two year old has an obsession of removing them everyday.
-Making sure all bathroom doors are closed, along with the pantry and dishwasher...Seth loves to climb into the dishwasher and play the bathroom...he can't get enough of the toilet paper.
-Checking the mail/email/blogs/phone messages...I don't know what it is about opening a nice card or wedding announcement...maybe because it's not a bill!

3 RaNdOm/SuRpRiSiNg FaCtS:
-one of my favorite times of day, is "pillow talk"-it seems to be the only time that Ben and I get to talk without interruptions...and he actually tells me about his day...I get details!
-I did something I've never done before this summer...I've planted sunflower seeds behind our garden...I hope it goes well...I'll blog pictures if it does!
-I believe the heart of a home is the kitchen and the the bed to a bedroom, so if everything else in my home is dirty, I at least make my bed and clean up the kitchen.
**note: I'm not very interesting/surprising...sorry!

Now I'm suppose to tag five bloggers, but I don't think that goes with this tag...I think it should just be seems more fitting, and a lot easier on my, I'm tagging: Emily, Nicky, Kari-Lynn


gigi said...

I know what you mean by "things are going so well" It scares me sometimes too. I have to remember to have fun and be happy with every little thing the Lord blesses us with because into every live comes a few storms.

And I think you are very interesting, young lady!

Nicky said...

thanks for tagging me.... I think. No, I just don't know if I'll have the time to write such nice detailed answers like you did. I agree with so much of what you said, maybe I'll just copy it. So great to stay in touch. And really, thanks for thinking of me!

Lori said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lori said...

I was the deleted comment. Learning how to do this. Just opened my blog. Check it out!

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