Friday, May 14, 2010

Two Months

I'm two months old today. I've been such a joy and blessing to have around. My big brothers love me and Seth loves to touch my face gently and give me kisses. I only get up once in the night to eat and that makes my mommy so very happy and well rested. I'll keep you posted on my new stats once I get home from the doctors on Monday.
In the last month my major accomplishments have been, getting a name and blessing, learning to smile, and getting some strong legs and neck.
***note from mom: it seems like he's been with us forever, can't wait to see what the next few months bring.***


The Critchlow Family said...

In this picture I think he looks a lot like Seth! I wonder who this munchkin will end up looking more like!

valerie said...

I need to see that baby! In person.
When's that gonna be????

Let's get our heads together.
I know you think Max, but I think he looks like Seth.

JP said...

Love, love, love him!

gigi said...

Those cheeks look like they are dripping with sugar, I could just kiss it all off! So precious. Love y'all.

mom h said...

He is doing so well, you are doing so well. He must be another great Hale baby. I love them all

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