Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Name that Baby

See if you can name my babies. And if you can't, tell me which ones look similar. Have fun!





gigi said...

A. Jake B. Maxton C. Seth

Let me know how I did, okay?
They all look so much alike and just like Hale boys :)

Love ya, dear.

Terra said...

A. Seth B. Max C. Jake. But I'm not sure being as I haven't seen Jake yet. They do all look similar, thats for sure

Puttin' Down Roots said...

You are trying to trick us!! My guess is:

A. Jake, B. Maxton, C. Seth

Or it could be:

A. Seth, B. Maxton, C. Jake

Whatever it is, they are dang cute boys!!!

The Critchlow Family said...

A. Jake B. Max C. Seth

I think that Jake and Max look a lot alike. But I do see a little bit of Seth in Jake! Can't wait to meet this little guy and hang out with you guys again! I guess it looks like we are going to come to your house Thursday May 13th and then stay Friday and Saturday and then head out to my Moms Sunday. Does that sound like it will work for you?

Nancy said...

My guess would be Jake, Max and Seth.

Too cute!

Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

A. Jake B. Max C. Seth that's fun to see they each have their own little looks even at such a young age.

Nikki said...

A. Jake, B. Max and C. Seth.
They all look similar!!

JP said...

Jake, Max, Seth

JP said...


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