Friday, April 29, 2011

A Bunny Called Easter

My neighbor was telling me about her little boy who just turned three this last weekend. He met the Easter Bunny for the first time at a family hunt a week prior to Easter Weekend. Days after this meeting, he asks his mom, "Is there a bunny named Easter?"

The last great thing about my trip to China, was that I made it home in time for Easter Weekend. Saturday we woke up early and got ready to hunt eggs with a group of our friends. Saturday night, while I was putting the boys to bed, I asked what Easter was about...thankfully Max said it was about Jesus, I couldn't have asked for a better answer or understanding!

(Seth is starting to dress himself...I'm sure you could tell by this picture)

This picture was taking on Monday after Easter...can you tell Jake raided his brother's Easter Baskets?!?!


JP said...

Love these pics! You guys have so much fun!

gigi said...

Growing way to fast, all of them!

dfish said...

Every time Michael sees you outside he asks, "where's Tara going?" It was cool a few weeks ago when I could tell him, "China"! Love your family and always look forward to your posts.

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