Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun as Hale

We love spending our Memorial Day weekend down in Tennessee! This year there was a new addition to the Hale family...our boat! My vote for his name is, "Fun as Hale"...let me know if you have any better ideas for names?!?! Here is a few pictures from our weekend of fun.

The maiden voyage. Our friends dropped us in and drove the truck back to the cabin so we could take the boat out for the first time as a family!

Yes, I was finally able to get up on the wake board...I know it might be hard to believe since this picture doesn't show me up.

A weekend at the cabin wouldn't be complete without fire crackers*****


mom h said...

Looks like you had a great time, where is the picture of the boat. I like the name of the boat. Great pictures of the boys.

gigi said...

DO NOT TELL HARRISON you got a new boat!!! He has been in the market for one for months now and he has had the same boat for 14 years and that old boat works fine! Boats and water are so much fun in the summertime! Yall enjoy! Love that name!

Can't believe how much that baby has grown! Love yall.

valerie said...

LOVE THE NAME!! We have got to meet up somewhere soon. Where's half way? Lake of the Ozarks? :)
Looks like a ton of fun.

Erin M said...

I heard about that boat. How fun. I loved going boating growing up. Your boys will have such fun memories. And I love the name!!

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