Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bryce is 4 month

Hi there everyone!  I'm four months old now.  I've really turned into a sweetheart...I gave my poor mama a run for her money when I first was born.  That first six weeks I about put her over the edge!  Put we've more than made up for it and I have her wrapped around my finger.  I haven't quite learned how to roll over, but I can arch around and almost turn from my back to my stomach.  I love my bouncing seat and I'm enjoying tummy time cause I can prop up and see the toys my mama sets out.  I still have a head full of hair, my mama bathes me each morning and just combs it up and it stays just like you see me below.  My dad has tried comb overs, but the ladies at church don't seem to like it.  I went to the doctor yesterday, and they gave me some new stats:
24.3 inches long
When compared to my three older brothers at their four month check, I'm the shortest, but weight wise I'm right up there with them:)

I had my first taste of solids, just a little rice cereal...I think I did pretty well.


gigi said...

4 months already! Boy time does fly! He is so precious! I could eat up those sugar cheeks!

Kari-Lynn said...

I love those baby rolls. Such a cutie. I think he looks so different from your other boys. I'm glad things are going better:) Miss you.

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