Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Catch Up!

This summer is three days from being over, school starts this Wednesday :('s totally flown by.  We've had fun, but I must say it's been one of the hardest summers for me as a mom.  It took me longer to get back on track and to feel like I had a good handle on things since having Bryce...I feel like I bounced back quicker with the other three.  I'm just thankful for a great husband who helped me so much and the boys who were as patient as they could be with me and this new little one.  Here are a few pictures to sum up our summer fun!

This was the morning of Fathers Day...we made Ben breakfast in bed.

Max and Seth completing their swim lessons back in June.

I dressed the boys up real nice for our Primary's Pioneer Day Activity...and yes, they won a best dressed award!

I love this picture (below)'s my screen saver right now!

We made it to the northern shore...wish it could have been a beach down south on the ocean, but with a new little one and have four, Lake Erie will have to do...and it's just 3 miles from the house, doesn't get much better than that!

 You can just call us suburban rednecks...Ben got a four wheeler this summer and the boys love to ride the thing around our neighborhood...I'm sure the neighbors just love us!

Bryce got to go to his first Indians game...he did pretty good...GO TRIBE!

Max and Seth completed a week long soccer camp during the first week of August...I think they really enjoyed it and learned a ton!

And here's our little fella...he just turned 4 months on the 16th of this month...he is such a chunky thing...we are loving him to pieces!

We've also spent many days at our city's the boys going down the slide at Seth's Birthday...more of those pictures to come!

We've really had some great days this summer despite all the changes that have happened in our family these last few months.  I love these guys and we're looking forward to our new school year.


valerie said...

Tara! You are becoming quite the photographer. I love all these. You are super mom to have made it through the summer with a newborn and yet accomplished all this (and more).
What a woman you are!

valerie said...

Our fourth is 8 1/2 months and I feel like I am just barely getting a handle on things. There is always someone who needs or wants something. It has definitely been a difficult transition for me. So glad to see you have figured it out sooner than me! :)

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