Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm still here...somewhere!?!

I know what you're all thinking..."Where is that Tara girl...has she forgotten about the old blog?!" Okay, lets get real...no one is thinking that...you more than likely haven't even realized that it's been a little bit since I've posted something new. The truth is...I've missed you guys...all your great comments and tid bits that you leave at the end of my posts. Yes, I'm still here...somewhere...we are in the midst of cleaning and doing home projects. You would think it's spring around here (spring cleaning), we have been busy sorting through the kid's toys, clothes, cleaning out the basement, and doing small projects around the house like hanging pictures, installing back up sump pumps, etc.

The project I'm most excited about is the basement. We are not able to finish our base anytime soon, so we've trashed and good willed the items we don't use and put the rest up on shelves. We purchase a 12 X 20 piece of carpet and will be laying that down and putting most of the toys down stairs. I'm so excited to get my family room somewhat back. I'm hoping Max will enjoy his own space this winter and that I can enjoy not having to pick up every little toy when visitors come over, and be able to relax on the couch and not be over whelmed with chaos.

Also, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...and good luck on any shopping adventures you plan to go on this Friday. We will be spending Thanksgiving with my folks, and we hope to sneak in a trip to the movies while the grandparents watch our children...we could really use a small date. TTFN!

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Emily said...

Yes, Tara, I have been waiting with anxioux fingers for a new post so I could leave a comment. I am very much looking forward to that basement to. Here's to many wintery hours in YOUR new playroom!

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