Friday, November 2, 2007


Time...don't we all wish we had more of it?!? I wish I had more time for the following:

1-Holding and rocking my sweet baby boys.
2-More time to sleep between feedings with Seth.
3-Extra time to scrapbook and blog the memories that are made each day.
4-Time to get my laundry done in one day.
5-Time to sit and relax with Ben after the boys go to bed.
6-More Summer Time for swimming and playing at the park.
7-Time to take longer showers.
8-Time to exercise.
9-A little longer nap time.
10-Sometimes, I wish Time stood still when I think about how fast they are both growing.

Time is definitely something I'm starting to cherish!


Nikki said...

I agree!!! hey could you email me that website where you can make the picture layouts?

Nicky said...


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