Saturday, November 24, 2007


There's nothing better than an oven full of yummy side dishes. We had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful Feast. Along with our turkey, we had...sweet potato casserole, stuffing, rolls, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, asparagus, and pumpkin pie. We spent Thanksgiving with my folks down in Akron, OH, and we all helped to put the meal together...everything was so great!
Every year, we seem to learn a little bit more about cooking. Last year, I was learning how to make rolls. I didn't realize that you were to not only allow the dough to rise, but also let it rise again after you place the rolls on the cookie sheet. Lets just say that I cooked dozens of bite size nuggets...Ben liked to call them. Lesson learned, this time they were normal size and very enjoyable.
This year, Ali, my little sister, was the cook in training. After opening seven cans of cream of mushroom soup for her green bean casserole, she thought something was not quite right. She realized before she opened another three cans, that it was asking for one 10 ounce can, not 10 cans. So, my Mama was left with a container full of unused cream of mushroom soup. Yes, we all had a nice laugh. The thing that I thought was the funniest was that my mother had exactly ten cans of soup...I could see how Ali was a little thrown off. And among all of my many blessings, I'm indeed grateful for our sense of humor and a good funny story!


aunt gigi said...

That was to cute about Ali and the mushroom soup ;) It reminded me of the first time Jami had her oil changed in her car. The man came in and told her that she needed a new filter and some other things and she said "well, how much will that cost?" he told her, one nineteen, so she said okay. When it was done and she went to pay her bill it came to $135.00. She was so over whelmed, and she wanted to know why it was that much money, she thought it was only 19.95 for the oil change plus the $1.19 for the oil filter. She started to cry and the man was so mad at her. She didn't have a credit card and only 56.00 in the bank. She had to call her mama at work to come bail her out. I've always thought that Ali and Jami were a lot alike since they were good friends when they were little. They are both A students but lacking on some of the common sence. Glad yall had such a good Thanksgiving and thanks for sharing this wonderful blog. Love yall.

Shelby said...

Tara, Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving with plenty of humor as well! Glad to hear it!

Dave and I had a WONDERFUL trip to Colorado. So good to see my family. It was nice to get away as well.

I hope all is well! Good luck with all your "house projects." I'm taking down the "Thanksgiving decorations" and buying and putting up our "Chirstmas decorations" this week so I will be busy with projects too! :-)

P.S- I like the blue blog better than the green!

Love you guys!

Cheryl said...


Thats a great picture of you, Ali, and your mama. Sounds like ya'll had a great Thanksgiving. For us down in South Georgia Thanksgiving
was wonderful.

paradise said...

Oh that is a funny story. I love Ali! I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. It's good to see your comments. Thanks for popping on on my blog

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