Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We've had some fun this Halloween. We kicked things off with going to "Boo at the Zoo" at the Cleveland Metro Park Zoo on Oct. 19th. It was so fun. My dad came along, and we were able to see a lot of the animals, jugglers, people on stilts, the energizer bunny (along with a other dressed up characters), and don't forget the treat bags. It was the first time Maxton was old enough to realize there were animals beyond the cages and fences. He loved it and loved growling like a lion whenever he saw a new animal.
Last Saturday night we went to our Stakes Fall festival. We dressed both the boys up in their costumes...Maxton is Elmo this year and Seth is a Pea Pod. Maxton has had a few issues putting on's a perfect fit, okay, maybe a little tight, but he is so cute in it...and I don't think he understands that it is just a costume (we did not skin Elmo, he is still on sesame street with the rest of the gang)...once he gets all situated and busy doing something, he stops fussing about wearing Elmo. Seth is young enough not to talk back or fuss...thank goodness. They had hot dogs, games, made crafts, a costume parade, and of course lots of candy.
Sunday, we went down to my mom's house in Akron and ate dinner and carved pumpkins. It was so's been awhile since I carved a pumpkin. Last year we were about to move into our house (Nov. 1st will be a year since we moved in), so we didn't decorate at all.
Tonight, we will be turning on the porch lights, lighting the Jack 'o lantern, and dressing the kids for "trick or treating"! Like always, I just went out and bought my candy for the trick or treaters because I have no self control...this way I eat less candy and spend less money trying to replenish all the chocolate I've devoured. Happy Halloween!

P.S. So I received an anonymous comment on my last post entitled "To all my Lurkers"...they forgot to add their name at the end of their to that individual...first-Who are you? and second-You are still a lurker because I have no idea who you are!


Emily said...

Nice post and love the new pictures in the side bar. I see you put a few links in your post also. Nice!

Aunt Gigi said...

That's the cutes little peapod and Elmo I've ever seen! Love yall.

meta said...

we had a bag of candy a few days ago but it was almost gone this afternoon so Todd picked up another bag on his way home from work today. Thank goodness, he picked up TWO. We'll be needing it. No, we didn't have many tricker-treaters but.....yes, I confess I have a sweet tooth!

Cheryl said...

I must tell you that I was the Anonymous one. Did not know what I was doing. I have enjoyed the pictures of you and your family.
Your boys are just to cute.

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