Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year

I know...where have I been...probably the same place a lot of you have...busy with the holiday and ringing in the New Year. Here is a top ten list of the no particular order:
1-Ben's parents flew into town the week before Christmas.
2-We've gotten the majority of our house painted on the inside.
3-I had a birthday, and I'm still under 30.
4-My sister spent Christmas with us.
5-after Ben and I promised no gifts for each other, I lucked out with the best husband ever and he had some surprises under the tree for me.
6-I got to sit in Santa's lap (Ben plays Santa almost every year in some capacity or another)
7-Max has figured out that after you sing "Happy Birthday" it's time for cake and to blow out candles...can't wait for Jan 24th when it's his turn!
8-So fun to watch Maxton open presents for the first time and be excited.
9-Enjoyed a fun New Years Party with great friends.
10-Reflected on all the many blessing Ben and I enjoy...We are Thankful.


aunt gigi said...

Hey Tara, I'm so glad your back! I've been checking and was begining to worry about yall. Precious Christmas picture of your little family!
love yall,
aunt gigi

Emily said...

My my have you been busy while I was gone! I guess life does go on without me.

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