Monday, January 21, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

Getting ready for bed, starts around 5:30pm with dinner. You've got to get them both fed and then spend twice as long scrubbing their faces and hands clean, along with the high chairs and floor space they cover. I'm elbow deep in hand soap and Clorox wipes for about 15 minutes.
Following dinner time, we march up stairs for bath time. I run around hunting diapers, lotion and PJs, while Ben does the bathing. Seth is pretty straight forward, I can get him dried off, lotioned up and in his PJs within a reasonable amount of time. Maxton on the other hand, loves to run around the house naked with us trying to get a hold of his slippery little body. All we care to do is get him dried and diaper on (honestly, we can wait on dressing him) to preventing any accidents.
By this time, it around 7pm...we are some what on or knees for prayers...well Ben and I are, Max is usually in the general area and that is really all we can ask. Max is such a sweetheart, he always goes around and gives each of us a kiss after the "Amen". Seth is usually ready for me to feed/rock him and put him down for bed...I would say for the night, but he usually gets up a couple times to feed.
We start getting serious about getting Maxton down around 8pm...Yes, he is in a big boy bed now simply because little Seth needs the crib. We can't keep ol' Max in the bed, so we have to wait outside the door and keep putting him back in bed every time he opens his bedroom door. This could go on for 20 minutes or so. We're not perfect at this, sometimes we find ourselves laying with him until he falls asleep. I could be in bed with him for an hour. If Ben is the one who lays with him, I won't see Ben until about midnight, because he falls asleep in there. I have more control over that because I don't sleep as hard (maybe because I've gotten up all night long with babies for the last two changes a person if you know what I mean).
By 9:30pm everyone is asleep. I then have a decision to make...go to bed right then and there (Since Seth will be waking up in the next 3 or so hours) or go downstairs and spend so time unwinding from a busy day with Ben. I usually find myself downstairs and not going to bed until 10:30 or so, but it's worth it to share some time with Ben.
Now, we're in bed and I have Seth's feeding times to wake me up during the night, along with a special visitor, Max, to find his way into our bed anytime between the hours of 4-6am.
The next day we wake up early, between 6-7:30am to have the rest of the day to prepare for another long night. You would think we would find time for some decent rest in order to recharge our would think Heavenly Father would have worked it out so that parents of little ones would be the people to get the most sleep at night...and give those individuals that can nap when ever and come and go as they pleased the rough night...not those of us that run around all day long trying to meet the demands of our lives with small children in tow. Yes, if you haven't caught on yet...I'm venting's about over. The truth is, Heavenly Father knew we would be able to do it, because we are so in love with our children...we would move mountains if we had to. For that I'm grateful...tired...but grateful!


gremhog said...'ll hate this but>>>>we loved it. We had a great pediatrician and our 3rd child was one of those kids who seemed to never need sleep and would be up and walking around. The doctor said, child proof the room, and then put in a locked door knob in REVERSE! That way she could play all she wanted in a safe environment but learn her boundaries. When she would fall asleep NATURALLY WE WOULD UNLOCK THE DOOR. Never would we ever go to sleep with the door locked. And 2 of my married kids have had to do the same. Don't start sleeping with the kids...or you will never break that habit...I promise you! It's what all the authorities say. OK, OK, OK...I realize no one will take my advice but it's a good one. and you do get sleep and you do get recharged!

aunt gigi said...

Been there and done that! Know exactly how you feel. I can say that it gets better for a few years and then they become TEENAGERS and you again don't sleep because you are sitting up waiting and worrying about them. The circle of life, I guess. Love yall.

Nikki said...

We had to put a child proof door knob on Ammon's door same thing we'd open it when he goes to sleep. But now he likes the door open so we just tell him if he gets out we shut the door. And Amazingly it works. but he is a little older than Max. It will pass we have had trouble getting each of our kids to stay in bed at one time or another.

Fun with the Franklins said...

Ahhh...the good old question is, why am I STILL tired even though everyone in my house is sleeping through the night?

Emily said...

I have come to the decision that this tiredness never ends. Maybe once they are all in high school you can catch up on a few winks during the day. I'm pretty sure my mom took a nap at about 10:00 every morning once we were in school (she woke up around 4:30).

Kate said...

I think Heavenly Father did kind of work it out so parents can sleep-that's why kids need 12 hours while we only need 8.

Bryce and Erin Moyes Family said...

It is great to hear about other mom's doing the exact same thing. We too end up with visitors in our bed and a crying baby during the night. It is a chore, but your right I wouldn't change a thing either.

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