Saturday, January 12, 2008

Me, Myself, and I

I'm it! I've been tagged by one of of good friends, Amy. So, my task is to blog 7 interesting things (I hope they will be interesting for you...I'm kinda boring) about myself and then tag 7 fellow bloggers to do the same. Let's be honest, it's basically a chain letter, but it gives us in the blogging world something fun and different to write about, since most of us write about our kids and other family members. Well, without further adiou, in no particular order, here goes...

1-I once dated a truck driver. His father and Uncle owned a trucking business and this guy owned his own Mack Truck. You would have never guessed he was a truck driver, honest. The best thing out of the relationship was that I was able to go on a small road trip with him in his truck!

2-When I was going to Ricks College, I did a study abroad for a month in Egypt and Israel. It was amazing, it almost feels like a dream looking back on the experience. It was one of the best things I did as a young single.

3-In the summer time when I wear nothing but flip flops and a play outside with the boys all day, I have to wash my feet before bed...I hate to get in bed with dirty feet.

4-It's easier to tell you the vegetables that I do eat than the ones I don't. I eat corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, green beans in the can, carrots raw, peas, butter beans, and black eyed peas. I know what you're can she like butter beans and black eyed pears...I'm from the South, what do you expect!

5-I love terrible weather...especially thunderstorms. I love to hear the wind whip around the house and for a day to suddenly cloud up so heavily that it looks like night.

6-I hate dish water...I can't stand to stick my hand in water that's been sitting. I never fill my sink...I put a little soap on each dish and wash it under running water.

7-You would think I was dying if you were ever around when a got a case of the hiccups. I will be hysterical for a glass of water, and Ben loves to take his time giving me the glass...he really enjoys the drama.

Well, I hope this sheds a little light on Me...I'm sure many of you know these little things about me, but for those who don't...enjoy! Now you've had a bit of fun reading, now it's my turn for some's time to tag my seven unsuspecting friends...again, in no particular order:


Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
• Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, as we all want to know them.
• Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
• Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.


D & S Hale said...

Thanks for the TAG Tara! I listed my 7 on my blog a few minutes ago. That is awesome that you were able to go to Egypt for a month!

Hope all is well in Ohio. Can't wait to see Ben in Ohio in a week. it should be fun!

Give your boys a hug from me!

gremhog said...

i relate to 3,5, and 6. I have been known to pour straight bleach on my feet..cuz I really go barefoot...a lot...even in winter. Thunderstorms are the best. If a tornado were to come, I'd probably be caught filming it. One hit close, I sat in the family room, smelled the smell, saw the green sky AND heard the "train" and never left the family room....Luckily it ventured beyond my house. And why would anyone fill their sinks when lovely, scalding hot water always keeps acomin'. thanx for these fun facts.

Fun with the Franklins said...

Yay! You are the only one of my taggees who have done it! Very fun and interesting. Talk to you soon! Luv ya, Amy

Terra said...

I'm with you on the dish water thing. I do the same thing!

Anonymous said...

I am a little concerned with you running around with nothing but your flip flops on during the summer time, but at least you are in your back yard.

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