Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fall is in the air

One of the great things about living in Ohio is all the great farms that we can visit. Last week, I took the kids to a farm near Vermillion, OH to pick apples. We went with a few other moms from our area and their kids...I think between the five of us, we topped out at 13 little ones....either we're crazy or brave...probably both. It was lot of fun...Max is just now getting to the point where he understands what's going on and can somewhat praticipate with whatever the activity might be. He loved walking down the appletree rows with his personal apple picking bag (he loved it even more holding hands with his friend Sadie). Of course, Seth was easy to have there...all I had to do was keep pushing the stroller around and he was happy to enjoy one of his many naps during the day. We spent most of the late afternoon there, and then played in a small area where they had pumkins, and hay mazes setup. It's really starting to feel like fall.


meta said...

I love it - the pics, layout, colors! you go girl! blogging is such a fun way to stay connected and record good memories!

can i add you to my connection page?

meta said...

PS - we are HUGE Sandra Boynton fans. Our favorite songs are 'cows we're remarkable cows'....'tickle tickle tickle time'.....and of course, 'busy busy so much to do'!

Anonymous said...

TARA! You go girl! Love your blog page. Such a good good in fact that I might have to become a blog convert too. ;-) It really is a fun way to stay in touch.

Maxton is growing up so fast, and your little one is adorable. You are such a good momma to go out and take your boys on fun adventures. We are excited to see Ben and Maxton this weekend. Wish we could see you too, but I bet you will have fun spending some quality time with Seth.

Hope all is well! Love Dave and Shelby

Emily said...

This is an awesome blog Tara! How did you ever come up with such a great idea? I love that I can keep up with your life now and know what you and your little ones are up to in case we don't chat for a couple hours. Talk to you soon!

Aunt Gigi said...

HI little momma, so glad that you included me in your invitation to your blog! Never been on a blog before. What a wonderful way to watch your little family grow. The boys are so PRECIOUS!
Sure love ya,
Aunt Gigi

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