Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A whole new Ball Game

There has been lots of excitement around our House...we've had our second baby boy, the Indians are in the playoffs (and yes, Ben is thrilled...so much that he bought playoff tickets from our neighbor who works for the Indians), and I'm now blogging (thanks to my good friend, emily, who I have been making fun for blogging....she now has her first convert...to blogging that is), which I have no idea what I'm doing...so be patient as I get all the bugs worked out and figure my way around this program.

Hopefully our family and friends that are far from us, will enjoy seeing what's going on in Avon Lake a little more regularly (as long as I post something during the week...we'll see).


Emily said...

Hey Tara,
This is an awesome blog! Where did you ever get that sweet template!? Congrats . . . keep up the good blogging!

Aunt Gigi said...


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