Friday, October 19, 2007

So much for my new thing

So I saw this show on Oprah the other day...yes, I watch of life's simple pleasures...the show was about Jessica Seinfeld's new cookbook, "Deceptively Delicious". It teaches and gives you recipes on how to slip vegetables into everyday meals, by using purees. The reason I wanted to try it, was more for me than my family...I'm not the best vegetable eater...Ben and Max are great with most foods. The day after Oprah's show, I took a trip to Target and bought the book. I went through that day and made up my grocery list, and went shopping the next day. That morning after shopping, I peeled, cut, steamed, pureed (with my Kitchen Aid blender), bagged up my purees, and placed them in the fridge so they would be ready and easy to put in the recipes I had outlined to make. That afternoon, I was able to make some muffins, which I put 1/2 cup of yellow squash in, and I thought they were pretty good. After that, I started to run into some problems...Ben, is a little resistant when I suggest one of my recipes, so I have to make things when he is not home or aware...and the major issue that I'm having now, is that sweet little Max got a hold of my blender and dropped it on the tile floor...need I say broke into many many tiny pieces. So now I don't have the equipment I need to make any more purees. What I thought would be a wonderful idea and more importantly get me eating my veggies, crashed right before my eyes on the kitchen floor. The good news is not only will I be off the hook when eating my veggies, I won't be able to make any milk shakes...that should balance me out, right?!?

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